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Ken's Biography

Ken Clark is an inventor and a strategist who has dedicated most of his life to finding novel ways to make difficult tasks easier, repetitive tasks more efficient, and all tasks more accessible to those who need to perform them. 

During his combined sixteen years of work in the medical field (surgical), dental field (surgical), forensic field (surgical autopsy), and medical anesthesia field (assistant), he streamlined existing processes and created new protocols while quietly taking note of standard tools and materials that are far less effective than they could be. As a soldier in the United States Army, with one combat tour in the Gulf War in Iraq, he fought to protect life and liberty while gaining expertise in arms and ammunition and recognizing several ways to improve upon existing technology. As a long-term resident of Florida and Georgia, he has enjoyed unlimited access to outdoor sports, fitness, and fish and wild-life related activities, and when the available equipment has fallen short, he has improvised and set out to devise his own.

To date, Ken has conceived of more than 20 products that will revolutionize daily activities that include the worlds of hunting and fishing, fitness, health and hygiene, arms and ammunition, and medical technology. His new company, Clark Innovations (Wellington, Florida), is the perfect vehicle for bringing these products to consumers, government agencies, and private businesses.

The first consumer product being offered for license through "Invention Home", is the"Calf Sculptor". Calf Sculptor is a fitness tool designed to exercise the calf muscles while in a seated position. The system can be used independently or in conjunction with dumbbell weights offering more efficient workouts for toning, defining and/or building calf muscles. 

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Please check back soon, as Invention Home will be launching another Clark Innovations product, the "Fit Box, A Total Body Workout" device. Coming in April 2018